"In this extraordinary collection, I found a letter written on the day my son was conceived. His moment to choose earth, ours to choose heaven. In the travel between dialogues, between the lessons in these letters, maybe our past gets revealed as students floating in the other's eye." — Edwin Torres

By the Rivers of Babylon

by Rosamond S. King

Where we sat down

Yea we wept

when we remembered

Oh they carried us away in captivity

and required of us a song

we sat down
the ground was moist but wouldn't yield
they required of us a song
lead voices. lead voices to club with
become silver

when we remembered
we saw ourselves there living
where we sat down
can this water carry us back
is back there still there
Yea we wept
can this water carry us back

By the rivers of Babylon
a baby was birthed and the ground
turned moist from blood
is this child
of us
who was washed in that river
where the after piece went also

the blood went into the ground and
the water

either this child is not ours
or the river now belongs to us

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